Damian McBride claims Rebekah Brooks ‘warned Gordon Brown’ off

Rebekah Brooks

When Gordon Brown’s spinmeister, Damian McBride, published his memoir Power Trip, he had to leave out some juicy bits that might have compromised the trial of Rebekah Brooks for phone hacking. But now the trial is over, McBride has published a paperback version that contains the stuff he had to leave out.

When she was still head of News International, Brooks warned Gordon Brown, through McBride, not to cross her if he wanted to occupy Downing Street. She also seemed keen that Sir Paul Stephenson should become Metropolitan Police commissioner. Stephenson did get the job, but later resigned amid stories about his links to News International.

McBride also has an interesting tale about Ed Miliband. When Ed began demanding action on phone hacking, McBride was worried that the result would be disaster for Labour so he devised an alternative. “I drew up a plan for parliament to legislate an amnesty from criminal proceedings for any individuals or organisations who came forward within a certain time period and admitted their involvement in phone hacking, and also a cap on damages that any of their victims could claim.” But the idea was turned down . “The clear answer came back… Ed’s decided to go for the jugular.”

So it’s all Ed’s fault that journos had their collars felt.

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