George Orwell was born on Animal Farm


The bungalow in north-eastern India where George Orwell was born is to be restored as a museum And, ironically, the building is today a farm inhabited by animals.

The dilapidated colonial-era building is currently inhabited by pigs, horses, sheep, hens and other farmyard animals, found BBC reporter Suhail Haleem who visited the place.

The house is located in the small town of Motihari, capital of the Eastern Champaran region, close to the border of Nepal. It is where Orwell spent the first year of his life, before he and his mother moved to Henley on Thames.

A century ago, this region was poppy country, and Orwell’s father worked for the opium department of the British government, overseeing the production and storage of the drug before it was exported to China. Close to the bungalow where they lived are the remains of a warehouse which was used to store opium.

Read more on the BBC Overseas site here.

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