Was Brendan Bracken Churchill’s illegitimate son?

Brendan Bracken2

Brendan Bracken was appointed Minister of Information in 1941, after three previous Ministers had failed at the task. Bracken was a tall, talkative Irishman with a domineering manner, and a striking appearance. Henry ‘Chips’ Channon described him in his diary as, ‘. . . Brendan Bracken, that kind-hearted, garrulous, red-headed gargoyle, whom I have always considered a fraud . . .’

Bracken had been Churchill’s Parliamentary Private Secretary for many years and accompanied him wherever he went. When Churchill and his wife Clementine moved into the country house Chartwell, Bracken was there to help. Clementine detested Bracken’s intimacy with her husband. She said with a touch of despair, ‘He appeared to move in with the furniture, and he never left.’

Because of this intimacy, Bracken was was often taken to be Churchill’s illegitimate son. Churchill himself, was said to have been, ‘amused and slightly flattered,’ by the idea and whenever he was asked if Brendan were his son, he replied, ‘I only wish he were.’

Read more about Brendan Bracken here.

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